nepal translated

Do you love Nepal? If you start a conversation with a Nepali, this will be his first question, and if you have been to the small country with the highest mountains in the world for a while, you will understand the question: you can love Nepal or not. There is little you can do with logic alone. In Nepal there is only amazement.

If you have not yet been to Nepal: Have you ever dreamed of a country that welcomes you as an adventure? Where you can recover from whatever you've learned as "common sense" to wander like Alice through wonderland or, if you want, your own gulliver? The roof of the world offers you all of this and more. Rud yard Kipling once wrote that Kew's wildest dreams were the facts of Kathmandu. Well, Kew is a very well-kept exotic park in the middle of London. The poet must have dreamed exceptionally wildly there or never been to Nepal, because the reality is much more exciting here. The logical knight leaps of dreams are surpassed every day by Himalayan heights.

One of the wonders of our world is that you can get to Nepal effortlessly by plane and fairly effortlessly by car, but that these sober means of transport immediately turn into time machines here. Don't try to find out what time you ended up in! If you be Nepalese calendar

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